One Piece, Vol. 54One Piece, Vol. 54
Eiichiro Oda


Chapter 532: Prisoner Beast: Minotaurus

[The prisoners helping Straw Hat Luffy are the following!!]

[Prisoner Number E8200: Clown Pirate Buggy]
[Prisoner Number D0464: Baroque Works Agent Gyaru Dino - Alias Mr. 3]
[Prisoner Number C9915: Baroque Works Agent Bentham - Alias Mr. 2, Bon Kurei]

[Currently, Straw Hat Luffy, and Mr. 2, Bon Kurei are rampaging wildly in the N sector!! The Blue Gorillas are unable to face them!!
We think they're heading for Level 4!! Zaza (might be static or something) ... The formerly mentioned prisoners are rampaging on Level 2 ...!! The intruders are advancing deeper ...!!]

Prisoner: “Kukuku …!! That’s real interesting now. Those guys are relievin’ the boredom.”
“They’ll be caught in the end …”

At that time in Level 4, the Warden’s Room

Magellan: How’s Saldeath doing!?
[The Blue Gorillas aren't able to get Straw Hat Luffy, Mr. 2 ... So far supressing the riot in Level 2 is sucessful ...]
Magellan: Why, at a time like this, are they not giving me information!!!?

Hannyabal: You were ignoring them because you were dazed by Hancock-dono. *sweatdrop*

Sadi: The guest has returned, Chief. We’ve done our preparations … Mm ~~~ <3 How is it?
Magellan: Ooh, Sadi-chan. Who’s in Level 3?
Sadi: Minotaurus mm ~~~ <3 is there.
Magellan: But Level 3 is where they’re escaping from. Are you going to herd them … Above there, the riot is Saldeath’s duty … Gather the rest of Impel Down’s fighting forces into Level 4!! That’s for in case they escape Minotaurus’ hand and fall into the Burning Hell. I will directly enforce punishment!!! So he think he can make light of the Great Prison, Impel Down …!!!

(This says something about Hannyabal, but I can’t figure out the verb. Might be something about him getting smaller.)

At that time, Luffy and Bon Kurei are … standing in front of a strange cow.

Luffy: What the hell is that thing!!!!? It can really move!!!
Bon Kurei: That’s Minotaurus!!!

[Prison Beast: Minotaurus]

Bon Kurei: It’s a cold-blooded Prison Beast!! It’s a monster that treats people like garbage!!!
Luffy: Monster!? Is it an ability user!?

And as he’s talking, Minotaurus strikes Bon Kurei with his spiked club.

Bon Kurei: Oooo … wwwiiiiieeeee!!!
Luffy: Eh!!? Bon-chan!!? He’s fast …

And as he’s saying that, he strikes at Luffy’s back to bring him down, but Luffy’s avoids it.

Luffy: Wah!!! *it rushes in for the strike* E -

BAGOON!!! It hits right in Luffy’s face.

Luffy: Guaa~~~~!!
Bon Kurei: Straw Hat-chan, watch out!!! Memorandum’s Fouetté!!!

Bon Kurei kicks Minotaurus into a cell. While Luffy’s separated from them, Bon Kurei’s been captured.

Bon Kurei: Ugeaa …!!! Just … just finish … me/him off!!! (Bon-chan doesn’t explicitly say who, so it’s me/him until we get all the pictures and see whom he’s talking to.)
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka!!!

The hit sends Minotaurus flying.

Luffy: Haa haa. Are you okay, Bon-chan …!!?
Bon Kurei: *coughcough!!* Haa … I was … I was a dying octopus … I saw before my eyes … a field of trannies! You really are strong, aren’t you!! Hafuu! That monster … might still be alive, but that was real effective …!!! Nmo~! He’s the ~~~~ worst for ruining my make-up!! Cosmetics, cosmetics!! I want my make up!! And then my toe shoes, and my clothes, and my weapons and …

Bon Kurei: Sake and tears and Okama Way!!

Luffy: Hurry and let’s go down. I’m thirsty and starving.

Bon Kurei: There’s nothing to be confused about, Straw Hat-chan! To get from Level 3 to 4 is gross-me-out (don’t ask) simple, and that’s the truth!!
Luffy: Eeh!? Really!!?
Bon Kurei: That’s right, gross-me-out. If you’d please look over at that huge climbing wall!!
Luffy: No, that’s impossible. I can’t touch a wall that looks hot as an iron pot!!
Bon Kurei: It’s all right, Straw Hat-chan …!!

They climb.

Luffy: Hot, hot!!
Bon Kurei: Hey, look down there.

They can’t see through because of the thick smoke.

Luffy: …!!! What’s all this hot wind and smoke!!? … I can’t stand this plase.
Bon Kurei: That so!? But!! Surely this is the place you want to go, Level 4, the Burning Hell!!!
Luffy: So you’re say this floor’s so hot because of this one. Uh …
Bon Kurei: Straw Hat-chan, I’m saying the way through Level 4 … is certainly a giant iron kettle!! If we go down there, there’s boiling pools of blood and a blazing ocean of fire …!! If you don’t mind jumping down from here though … and where we land is in err, I’m sorry, but you’d burn! Advancing from this point, means life or death!!
Luffy: Didn’t you say there was someone you wanted to meet? Someone you’d risk life and death to meet?

Bon Kurei: I’d call out to this miraculous person …!! Siezed though he did no crime … his alias, Iwa-san of Grand Line’s Peach Colored Paradise! The princess of Kamabakka Kingdom!!! The one for whom trannies of the world over yearn!! History’s Strongest Tranny King!!! SNIFF!! I want to have just one look!!! It’d be so great if I could!! I want to save him!!!

Luffy & Bon Kurei: ??

Far away Buggy and Mr. 3 are shouting while they run.

Bon Kurei: Ngyaa! Just a minute!!! What were you thinking bringing that guy aloo~~~ng!!!? Didn’t you say you were breaking ouu~t!!?
Luffy: Well, now we can go together!
Mr. 3: Mm … no way …!! That thing would catch us then …!!!
Buggy: We didn’t plan to go with you into hell!!! That thing came onto us when we were hiding!!! Why’re you so thirsty!!!?

The four run away.

Buggy: Monster …!! Minotarus … is just concerned with his own hide!! Don’t take your eyes off him …!!! Ooh, Straw Hat!! Do you happen to remember when I blew you away in that town with with my Special Buggy Balls!!?
Luffy: Nope …
Buggy: …

Buggy looks sad.

Buggy: … Well, I’m saying I got one of the Buggy Ball huge shells … Well, my famous mark is that guy … (Eh … that last sentence is off somehow.) *tension lowers*
Mr. 3: Attaching your own name there, you must be very self-confident such a weapon as Buggy Ball …

Buggy: That’s right!!! I’he preserved that power in my body in a smaller improved form – my newest weapon, the Buggy Balls!!! (Actually, it says Muggy Balls, but it might be a typo on their end …) *tension heightens*
Mr. 3: Change the name!!!
Buggy: Anyway, eat this, Special Buggy Balls!!! (Again, it says Muggy … There’s a chance he changed its name, but for now it might be a typo until I see the raw or more pictures.)

There’s a big explosion.

Mr. 3: Uwaaah!!!
Luffy: Uoh, awesome!
Bon Kurei: That didn’t do it!!
Buggy: *Minotaurus looks unsteady* He’s still awake!!
Bon Kurei: Let’s go, Straw Hat-chan!
Luffy: Hey, 3!! Can’t you use your Doru Doru ability!?
Mr. 3: It’ll melt in three seconds!
Luffy: So do it for three seconds!

Bon Kurei: Jump, jump, jump!!! Okama Kenpo, Memoir o~~~õf that Winter’s Day~~~~!!!! (HAH. I knew that one!)

It’s a direct hit to Minotaurus’ crown of its head.

Mr. 3: Let’s go, Straw Hat!! Candle Lock!!!
Luffy: Right!!! Gomu Gomy no~~~~o Tonkachi Rifle~~~~~!!! (Hammer Rifle)

Minotaurus goes flying, and he goes down.

All: We did it ~~~~~!!!! We beat the monster of hell ~~~~~!!!!
Luffy: All right, let’s go to Level 4!!!

Where Ace is.

Jimbei: …
Ace: … Don’t come, Luffy …!!!

[In Level 4, Warden Magellan has gathered all of his powerful fighting underlings.]



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